Ladé – Adulthood Anthem (Adulthood Na Scam) [Video]

Lade Adulthood Anthem Video

Adulthood Anthem by Ladé describes the struggles that young adults in Nigeria face in trying to fend for themselves on their own. And this can be a very difficult task.

The lyrics to Ladé – Adulthood Anthem describe how becoming a young adult in and of itself is a life-changing event.

A situation that calls for you to be totally responsible for yourself. The lyrics to Lade’s song “Adulthood Anthem” emphasize the importance of accepting responsibility for one’s actions. No one else can do it for you.

Quotable Lyrics;

Adulthood na scam
Adulthood na scam
You better get am for your mind
You gast to hustle, make a living 247
Nobody go ask you if you don chop
Nobody go send you free money
If you no get now you sabi
Adulthood na scam

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