Waec Result Release Date For May/June Exam 2022/2023 (All You Need To Know)

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Do you find your self asking any of the above questions, if yes, then you are reading the right article, because in this episode of myO’level Toolkit Series, you will learn the proposed released date for 2022/2023 Waec result and possibly how to check for the result when finally out… STAY TUNED!

How many subjects are written in WAEC

I will try to keep this brief and as enjoyable as possible. What is the essence of sitting for an Exam, when you cannot confirm or see how well you performed in the exam.

Not much fun right?, the West African and Examination council (WAEC) exam fortunately is not one of those Exams you sit for and never see the result, the release of the result may not be as fast as Jamb would but one thing is certain, and that is, your WAEC results will definitely be released.

This now begs the question “When”, yea, fine the results will be released, but when exactly is the release date?

…these and many more you will be learning in this write-up, all you have to do now is take a glass of chilled water and read through diligently… ENJOY!

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Is Waec Result Out For Private Candidate?

Waec private result out
Waec private result out

YES Waec Result for Private student (GCE) is now officially out. If you sat for WAEC GCE 2021/2022 exam, you can follow the step by step guide shown to you here to check for your result online.

Is Waec Result Out For WASSCE Candidate?

NO, currently WAEC result for 2022/2023 School Candidates is not yet out, but result for Student who enrolled for WAEC as private student is out.

This means, if the WAEC you sat for was May/June (that for senior secondary school student) then you cannot check for your result now till they are officially out, but students who sat for the November/December Waec for Private Candidates 2021 can check for their result.

However, I shall update you via this channel when the result for Secondary school students are officially released, so for your convenience you can bookmark this page or follow me on any of my social media handle.

Meanwhile, Private students can follow my guide on How To Check Waec Result Online.

Waec Result Release Date For May/June?

Image Source: Vecteezy

Normally WAEC results are marked and released forty five (45) days after the Exam last paper, which for this Year is Tuesday June 28th, 2022

WAEC unlike Jamb which takes few days to be released, takes a longer time for the results to be released, like I mentioned, it takes about 45 days for WAEC results ot be released

The reason for this is, WAEC is still a paper based test (PBT) and not CBT (Computer based test), if WAEC was a CBT exam, it would definitely have taken a shorter time to mark, grade and collate the result.

After each exam has ended all the centers that participated in the Exam will have to submit their scripts, brief the board, before marking of scripts can begin, these whole process takes time, which explains the reason it takes 45 days to complete.

So, If the last paper for WAEC is to be written on Tuesday June 28th, 2022, then adding 45 days to this date would be 12th of August 2022.

My guess is, since 12th of August is a Friday, the result will most likely be released 15th of August 2022 which is Monday the next week.

We can then say that, WAEC result for School candidates will be released on or before Monday, 15th of August 2022.

When Will Waec Start Marking?

Marking of scripts for students who participated in the 2022 West Africa Examination council Exam has officially commenced, this started on the 12th of July, 2022 and carried out in the 85 marking venues that is spread across the country.

Waec Starts Marking
Waec Starts Marking

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How Can I Check My Waec Result?

I have dedicated a whole page to answer this question, showing you detailed step by step guide on how to go about this, you can check my Waec Result Checker 2022/2023: How To Check Waec Result Online Post to read in details.

You can also see how to check your Waec result online using this quick guide below…

F9 On A Required Subject In Waec
  • First, Visit WAEC Result checking Portal @
  • You will be taken to the result checking page similar to what is shown in the image Above.
  • Enter your Examination number (this was the number given to you by your Exam center or school that you filled in all your Exam papers while writing WAEC).
  • Next, supply your Examination Year, make sure this year correspond with the year you wrote the Waec exam (for this year, it would be 2022)
  • Select your Exam Type (Either School candidate for May/June or Private Candidate)
  • Enter your Pin And Serial Number in the appropriate box (This pin and serial number is on your WAEC Scratch card)
  • Go through the information you have entered to be sure they are correct
  • Finally click on the “SUBMIT” button to check your WAEC result.

Easy right?

I have collected some nice piece of content you should read after checking your WAEC result, check them out 👇…

Waec Result sample

For those who may be interested in seeing how WAEC result would look, you can check out the image of this screenshot of a 2021 Waec result below…

Waec result
Waec result

When Will Waec Release Withheld Result?

They are cases where WAEC suspects a students participated in examination mal-practice, what happens to this student is that his/her result will be Withheld, you can see an example of a withheld result from the image below.

Waec result Withheld
Waec Result Withheld

But, results being withheld, do not mean they will not be released, if you are lucky and exonerated, that is, proven you really were not involved in Examination malpractice, your result will be released.

But the time frame for this is not specified, it could take a month or two, and there is no guarantee. But praying won’t be a bad Idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was WAEC 2022 concluded?

WAEC Exam for 2022/2023 was concluded on Tuesday June 28th, 2022

What is the pass mark for WASSCE 2022?

The Pass mark for WASSCE 2022 is C6 and above, any grade less than that (D7, E8 and F9) is normally not accepted for admission by any university in Nigeria, especially when the grade less than C6 is in a core subject.

Is E8 a pass mark?

NO, E8 is not considered a pass mark in WAEC, as it will not be considered for admission by the different Universities in Nigeria

Will Waec Release Withheld Result?

YES, Waec release withheld results of students that are exonerated, and by exonerated I mean “students finally proven not to have partook in Exam malpractice”

When Will Waec Result Be Released?

Typically, Waec results are released 45days after the last paper of the exam is conducted.

In Conclusion

WASSCE result is not yet out, but is expected to be released on or before Monday, 15th of August 2022.

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