Danny Masterson’s accuser in the US criticizes “delay tactics” after the judge gave his attorneys an additional six weeks to prepare for the rape trial.

 US actor, Danny Masterson

The judge’s recent decision to postpone their case has been criticized by one of Danny Masterson’s rape accusers who claims it will worsen the situation for her and his other alleged victims.

The 46-year-old actor will go on trial in Los Angeles later this year on charges that he raped three women between 2001 and 2003, when the success of the program was at its peak.

The L.A. Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer’s sexual assault trial was set to start in August, but his legal team just gained a six-week postponement by making the case that they were too preoccupied with it to handle the case.

The judge agreed to move the start date of Masterson’s trial to October instead.


Speaking to The Daily Beast on Friday August 5, after that decision, one of Masterson’s three unnamed accusers fumed that it would only do more harm to her and the other women who have come forward.

‘My life has been tortured for so many years as a result of what happened to me. Finally, the day of justice was coming and now I see there is another excuse to delay justice, which will only cause greater damage to me and the other victims.

‘I hope the Court sees that the matters in this trial, the rights of the victims, and the need for finality of this important matter, trump a scheduling conflict related to baseball,’ she said.

Masteron’s attorney Shawn Holley is also representing Bauer against claims he sexually assaulted a woman.

Bauer was accused of sexually assaulting a woman last June. He has since been placed on administrative leave by the Dodgers.

Masterson is also being sued along with the Church of Scientology, of which he is a member, by four women over similar allegations.

It is unclear if the three women involved in the criminal rape trial are also involved in the civil lawsuit.

Three of the women involved in the lawsuit used to belong to the church too. They allege that the church tried to cover up their allegations against Masterson for years.


The first accuser previously told in detail how Masterson allegedly raped her at a party at his house in Hollywood in 2003. She claimed he gave her a ‘fruity drink’ and that immediately after drinking it, she began to feel sick and dizzy.


She claims he unzipped her pants and tossed her into a hot tub. Then, she says, he took her to a bathroom in his home and felt her breasts despite her ‘punching’ him.

She testified that Masterson then took her to his bedroom and tossed her onto his bed where he raped her ‘vaginally and anally’ while brandishing a pistol.

She said she was losing consciousness at the time but came to when he was ‘inside’ of her.

‘When I came to, he was on top of me and he was inside of me. The first thing I recall is grabbing his hair to pull him off,’ she said previously.

She also alleged that he wielded the pistol and said: ‘Don’t f*****g move. Don’t say a word.’

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