A UK-based TikTok influencer with the name of Daejhasrizz, whose real name is unknown to the general world. He first became well-known on the platform for his humorous and lip-sync videos, many of which featured his sister, whom he frequently called in jest his “wife.”

Due to Daej’s success on TikTok, he was able to work with other producers and receive sponsorship for his videos. He also increased his online presence on Twitter and Instagram, among other social media sites.

When a personal video of Daej and his sister became popular on social media in March 2023, however, his career and reputation suffered. The video, which received harsh criticism and was deemed inappropriate, ignited debate and led to accusations made against Daej over his interactions with his sister.

Daejuan And Alisha Video Leaked

A video starring Daejuan and Alisha has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit, breaking news that has the internet abuzz with talk of the most recent development.

An inappropriate video of one social media star, Daej, and his sister, which was released on Twitter and Reddit and soon went viral, has lately made headlines.