According to a new report, Cristiano Ronaldo demanded that Harry Maguire, Man United’s captain, be benched and claimed that he was a contributing factor to the issue.

Cristiano Ronaldo called for captain Harry Maguire to be denoted and said he was part of the problem at Man United, new report reveals

According to reports, Harry Maguire, the captain of Manchester United, should have been fired last season because he was “part of the problem” at the team.

Last season, the Portuguese striker returned to Old Trafford, but he was unable to save the team from finishing in sixth place in the Premier League.

Details have now emerged surrounding the Portuguese striker’s demands, from team selection to formation tweaks.

According to the Athletic, Ronaldo was part of a group of players who went up to Rangnick at Carrington in February this year.


Among them were Raphael Varane and Paul Pogba but Ronaldo’s message came through clearly when he said: ‘Maguire is part of the problem.’

Rangnick is said to have told the players including Ronaldo that it was ‘inappropriate’ to speak about Maguire when the player himself was not present.


A few players from the group subsequently apologised to the interim boss, who departed the club in the summer.

Ronaldo also had a view on the team’s formation and during the impromptu meeting told the manager in no uncertain terms how he wanted them to set up.

The 37-year-old wanted to play alongside Edinson Cavani up front but his pleas fell on deaf ears.


The report helps shed light on the summer of discontent at Old Trafford – which has largely been overshadowed by Ronaldo pushing to leave.

Ironically, Maguire, who Ronaldo called to be dropped, has also been out of the team during their recent games with the striker only starting from the bench.

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