Lyrics: Muni Long – Hrs & Hrs

Muni Long - Hrs & Hrs

Lyrics: Muni Long – Hrs & Hrs

Award-wining World music singer and songwriter, Muni Long, discloses a new song titled Hrs & Hrs, is now available in this great site for your fast download..

A great song from the prominent and world-wining music artist, and songwriter, Muni Long unveils another dazzling song  titled Hrs & Hrs.

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Hrs & Hrs is a  nice song that everyone needs to listening to and the song was disclose to the public in 2023 by the talented and amazing singer. It is well known that this artist has been recognized for his hard working towards making sure that he satisfy his fans with a new song locally and internationally.

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Listen and enjoy below;

Uh, oh, ooh, mmm (yeah)I don’t usually do this but, um (hello, oh my God)Can I sing to you?Yeah, yeah
Yours, mine, oursI could do this for hoursSit and talk to you for hoursI wanna give you your flowersAnd some champagne showersOrder shrimp and lobster towersBut it’s me that gets devoured
Ooh, when you do what you do, I’m empoweredYou give me a superpowerTogether, the world could be oursYou sit me up on the counterInstantly, it’s thunder showersStormin’ for a couple hoursWhen we finished, take a shower
I could do this for hoursAnd hours and hoursI could do this for hoursAnd hours and hoursI could do this for hoursAnd hours and hoursI could do this for hoursAnd hours, hours
Usually don’t like nobodyAnd when I say nobody, I mean nobodyAll these niggas full of shitYou’re just a homie once they hitFelt like givin’ up on loveThese niggas almost made me quit
Then I met youWhen I met you, I knew this was itI’ve never been in love like thisA love like oursI pray for it on my kneesEvery night for some hoursAnd hours and hoursAnd hours and hours and hours
I could do this for hoursAnd hours and hoursI could do this for hoursAnd hours and hoursWhat’s yours is mine and oursAnd yours, mine and ours
I could sit and talk to you for hoursSit and look at you for hoursMakin’ love to you for hoursLayin’ on your chest for hoursTellin’ you jokes for hoursHoldin’ you close for hoursAnd hours and hours
Oh, oh, oh (yeah heh)Oh, oh, oh (yeah heh)Whoa, oh, oh (yeah heh)Oh, ohHours and hours (yeah, heh)Hours and hours (yeah heh, yeah heh)Oh, ohHours and hoursHours and hoursWhoa, oh, hmmYeah

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