Lyrics: Joyner Lucas – What’s That?

Joyner Lucas – What's That?

Joyner Lucas – What’s That?

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Joyner Lucas is a prominent music artist and songwriter, who came through with this awesome tune titled What’s That?.

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What’s That? is a  nice song that everyone needs to listening to and the song was disclose to the public in 2023 by the talented and amazing singer. It is well known that this artist has been recognized for his hard working towards making sure that he satisfy his fans with a new song locally and internationally.

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Listen below;


[Verse 1]
Can’t catch me when I’m too damn fast
Skrr, ayy, you can’t last
Worked too hard just to turn back now
If they don’t like me, that’s too damn bad
Bitch don’t touch what you can’t have
Yeah, you can’t have
Just ’cause I fuck, don’t mean she mine
I tossed that bitch with a two-hand pass
I just tied up Khaled, now I got the keys
Straight from the block, I hop out the P’s
Joyner got niggas that’ll hop out and squeeze
Leave a nigga jumpin’ out his Dada Supremes
I gotta breath *sharp inhale*
I don’t get enough credit, bitch, shout out to me
Snitch ass bitch just brought out the D’s
Wu-Tang shit, I brought out the Bees
Ayy worked too hard to go back to the days where I made just a minimum wage, what’s that?
I need head three times a day, if not we ain’t on the same page, what’s that?
Google fucking up my net worth, say I got two, three M’s to my name, what’s that?
Nigga I done made at least twenty M’s, bitch, better fix that shit, I’m paid, what’s that?
This a flex, this ain’t a pissin’ test
Fuck the disrespect, I gotta interject
I gotta lift the weight, tell all my bench to press
My life been the shit, you niggas been depressed
You either misdirected or you incorrect
I got a Smith & Wesson, let it rip your flesh
And let it split your neck until you missing sections
I’m an evil curse inside a bigger blessing, nigga ayy

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