Lil Tjay – Clutchin My Strap

Lil Tjay - Clutchin My Strap

Lil Tjay – Clutchin My Strap

Talented hit Singer ‘Lil Tjay‘ drops a new project which is called ‘Clutchin My Strap‘ to follow back his previous  hard work.
This newly dropped anticipated song dubbed ‘Clutchin My Strap‘ By ‘Lil Tjay‘ is a song that will surely please the ear.
Lastly this brand new single is here for fast streaming and buying.
Here is a new hit track “Clutchin My Strap” by serial banger maker “Lil Tjay” is Unarguably one of the top hit projects dropped this week & trust us to bring you the very best every time.

Lil Tjay – Clutchin My Strap” This latest hard project is bound to go to the top of the charts as we can see that the team behind it did their best to the execution of the work.

From ” Lil Tjay – Clutchin My Strap” the compendium of the African drums and the percussion laced with quite accomplishing Strings and chords to the amazing laying of vocals and interesting lyrics coupled with the standard mixing and mastering.’

Clutchin My Strap Lyrics

Ooh, there’s a power in your soul
Ooh, and I wanted you to know
Only you can help that magic to unfold
So be true to yourself
There is something to be held

Hunger in my body, I got pain in my blood
Nothin’ average ’bout me, I done got it out the mud
Really I’m a young thug runnin’ off some drugs
Millies in my bank account, so I done made it flood
Of course, I won’t never go back
Old life, that was so whack
Still gotta move tact
Got PTSD, clutchin’ my strap

For nothin’ I’ma bang, I just do that ’cause I want to
A hundred to your name, bet them shooters come and hunt you
We gon’ move smart, not gon’ sacrifice the front crew
Pussy nigga, I know you be wishin’ you could undo
What you did to mе, I took seven, he took three
But thеse flesh wounds better than a bullet to the ski
Allegedly, ’cause I don’t even really know what happened
I’m just rappin’, but I bet I’m ’bout that action
Four-five, leave a nigga slumped, like he tired
I know they gon’ leave you on the job, say you fired
Real street nigga from the start, just retired
Circle close, catch a body if you tryna get hired
Can’t trust niggas, niggas police, they be wired
Liars, forget all about loyalty through fire
Miss all of my niggas in the motherfuckin’ sky, yeah
Shootin’ ’bout your name, I can’t sit back bein’ quiet

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