Wunmin Savage: Why I enjoy acting adult films with girls more than men

Wunmin Savage: Why I enjoy acting adult films with girls more than men

Famous Nigerian adult film star, Wunmin Savage, has revealed that she enjoys playing lesbian roles more than straight.

She said she doesn’t enjoy acting with male pornstars because she barely knows or have any sexual connection with them.

She disclosed this in the latest episode of Spit or Swallow podcast hosted by Hausa Chocolate.

The adult thespian shared her experiences about being a pornstar, navigating the adult content scene in Nigeria and dealing with societal norms and stereotypes.

Savage said, “My first experience was not bad because I’m this type of person that I enjoy my space and I’m very quick to move from situations. So, when my first video came out, everybody were like, ‘Oh my God, oh my God!’. I just went offline. I was enjoying the money [laughs].”

On how she feels about acting with strange men, she said, “Most of them I pretend [to enjoy it]. But the ones with the girls, I actually enjoyed those ones. With the guys it’s like, I don’t know you enough for me to [enjoy the sex]. But I have people to entertain and make happy, so yeah. I just act with them [male pornstars] for that time. After the acting, nothing more. No friendship.”

She said she started her own porn channel because she was being underpaid by producers.

Savage added that she regretted not using condoms in her first two adult movies.

She advised adult stars to always protect themselves.

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