Watch Out As Ayanda Ncwane’s Prayer Leave Fans Really Concerned

Watch Out As Ayanda Ncwane’s Prayer Leave Fans Really Concerned

Ayanda Ncwane, a Mzansi businesswoman and former Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star, recently disclosed that she came face to face with death while hospitalized.

She also announced her return to social media and the launch of her YouTube channel, as well as her intention to use her second opportunity to serve God and his ministry.

Ayanda, the widow of gospel musician Sfiso Ncwane, may be seen singing and praying in tongues in one of her YouTube videos posted on June 13.

Musa Khawula, a murder-accused entertainment analyst who produces his own YouTube show dubbed The Pope of Pop Culture, also shared the video on Twitter.

Fans ridiculed her as they expressed “concern” in response.

“Hmmm I am so concerned about Ayanda Ncwane lol, ” said one tweep.

“She don’t seem ok, May she find inner peace,” another twee wrote.

“Those trips to Nigeria hope she’s not captured by the spirit of scamation, oh Nkosi yam,” another fan said.



Here are some of the reactions:




Upon returning to social media this month, Ayanda shared that she “died” and came back to life.

In the first video on her YouTube channel, she said: “On 19 April 2023, I found myself in hospital after I had travelled a bit… and in the early hours of the day, it was 02:00, I had an encounter in the spirit realm. A very large being, huge, like a giant, a giant being came over towards my bed, pressed me and then after that whispered in my ear, ‘I came to collect your soul. You are dying today’.

“You can’t explain that feeling unless you go through it. Research says it’s a near-death experience,” Ayanda said.

The music manager said that at that moment, she saw her whole life flashing before her eyes and it all happened very fast.

“It was like photos flipping in front of my eyes, and I saw the pictures. The first picture was my eldest son, and then it went so fast,” Ncwane said as she recalled the experience.

“I saw my life, literally everything [within] seconds and then the spirit kept on saying, ‘now you can see that we are here to fetch you. You are dying today’”.

Ayanda narrated that she resisted the call to die and was eventually woken up by a voice next to her in hospital.

“I was so scared. People around me know I am a very brave girl, but coming face-to-face with death made me so vulnerable. It broke me; that’s when I realised there is a dimension of God that I have never experienced before – the one that brought me back from death,” she explained.

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