Seun Kuti – “Obasanjo’s Supporters are Oppressors..”

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Seun Kuti – “Obasanjo’s Supporters are Oppressors..”

Seun Kuti, an Afrobeat singer who has branded the lovers of former President Olusegun Obasanjo as oppressors, stating they must end up in hell.

Seun shared a video where he lamented the corruption and manipulation of the country’s natural resources for selfish gains, pointing at Obasanjo’s administration as the worst case.

Describing the former president as extremely wicked, he also tagged those who adore him as candidates of hell, insisting they were beyond redemption.

He said,

“They sell our oil, things that belong to us. That if anybody sells them, they’ll become billionaires. And when they were going to do these things, selling the things, especially during Obasanjo’s regime… That man is so wicked. And any Nigerian that praises Obasanjo for any reason will go to hell.

“You must go to hell because you have shown that you are beyond salvation. Whatever Obasanjo does in this country and you support it, you have shown that you are against Africa, you don’t respect Africa, that the atrocities of whatever forms that Africans have gone through have no bearing in your emotions as long as your own interests are served; you’re an oppressor. Anybody that can praise Obasanjo for anything is an oppressor! Is an oppressor!! You are an oppressor, nobody can tell me anything. It means you don’t respect Africans. You have no regard for all the atrocities we have gone through as African people. You are there to serve your selfish interest.”

Seun has been the focus of several news stories because of his controversial remarks. Recently, he trended for claiming that Lagos State belongs to the Portuguese.

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