[Pictures] Queen Minaj Celebrates With An Erotic Cake – ‘It’s Another One’

 Queen Minaj Celebrates With An Erotic Cake – ‘It’s Another One’

Controversial Ama2000 One online user commented after seeing Queen Minaj’s latest snaps on her online page holding an unusual cake, to say the least, which she posted on Thursday, March 23 as she celebrated her online growth.

The Ama2000 influencer had a lot to celebrate, so she took to Instagram to share her celebratory cake with her followers, captioning it,

“Let’s all eat a cake🎂.”

“Warning: The content contained within this article features imagery which readers may find disturbing.”

For those that may not know, Queen Minaj is a rising influencer and dancer. Her real name is Lunya Makua, and she was said to have been 20 years old by the end of last year, Maravipost reported.

She is a member of the largest Zion Christian Church (ZCC) in Moria, Limpopo, The South African previously reported.

Her stage and online presence, however, are far from what most would expect after learning that about her.

This is because she frequently posts naughty pictures of herself, usually half-naked. In addition, her posts always seem to cause chaos, as she never shies away from showing off her creativity in the most cringe-worthy ways.

It’s no wonder some of her fans have shown concern for her well-being in the past.

“This cameraman’s way to heaven will be far from him😢😢,” Ayer Bright commented.

“What the hell is this 😱😱😱💔😱?” Kodak Black asked.

“Here she goes again🙄🤣,” @Adeline Wea reacted.

“For madness, what are you using,” TakeOne Nkwani asked.

“She graduated from the University of Zodwa Wabantu with a Cum Laude😂,” Fanny O Vukeya wrote.

“I have zoomed this pic more than 100 times,” @Timothy Lortyer shared.

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