Mavin Records CEO, Don Jazzy Warns The Upcoming Artists Against… Check-Out!

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Nigerian heavyweight record producer Don Jazzy has recently taken to the airwaves to clear the air around streaming farms in the Nigerian music industry.

In recent times, the discussion around streaming farms has brought some controversy into the Nigerian entertainment business, with industry contenders accusing one another of using the complex technology, especially when any of their songs tops the chats.

Through his latest podcast hosted on Apple Music, Don Jazzy has finally shed some light on the truth of the matter.

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Mavin Records CEO, Don Jazzy Warns The Upcoming Artists Against… Check-Out!

The Mavin Records CEO explained to upcoming artists that streaming farms are a scam, as they do not actually exist in Nigeria. He also brought attention to the fact that such a technology is expensive, and no one in the country could currently afford it. Don Jazzy also enlightened his listeners with the truth about the number of streams for Nigerian music.

Don Jazzy, who is one of the most respected music producers in the Nigerian entertainment industry, had some empowering words for upcoming artists. He told them to ignore the side talks about streaming farms and rest assured that music streaming companies keep records of streaming data. He further encouraged them with the fact that streaming companies also support up and coming musicians, and that streaming is not the only way to promote their music.

“There are no godd*mn streaming farms. I don’t know if people have it, but take it from us that those who are succeeding, that are at the forefront, there are no streaming farms.”

See his video below:


The producer’s words of wisdom came as a much-needed source of clarity in the music industry. His message to upcoming artists was a reminder that their music is their own, and that their worth is not based solely on the numbers of their streams. Don Jazzy truly deserves the respect and admiration of his peers in the Nigerian entertainment business for providing truthful insight into the streaming farms conundrum. His timely words of advice are sure to inspire many upcoming artists, as they create a fair playing field in the industry.

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