Latest: Rouge Schools A Troll Who Called Her A Failure For Not Winning An Award

Latest: Rouge Schools A Troll Who Called Her A Failure For Not Winning An Award

Popular Rapper, Rouge blasts a troll who harassed her after the Metro FM Music Awards on Saturday.

The rapper did not receive a nomination, thus she did not win, but she did take the time to congratulate some of the winners on her Twitter account.

The celebrity was enraged when the troll stated she was not a rising music artist.


“You sir are a dumb ass. You submit for awards moron. I didn’t submit cause I haven’t released a project. You know nothing about this industry but speak as if you work in it. Remain in your place as the consumer and whatever else you do for a living,” she added.

The rap star further bragged about her bank account and a few of her other achievements as a musician.

“Hmm let’s see, my bank account is looking great, I have a number of brands under my belt because of my music, write music for movies, dropping my sophomore album. Heading a ngo that puts gang money in other artists’ mouths. Did the world cup song. That’s with zero drop you tell me.”

Rouge further advised the troll and revealed she was working on a project.

“Last thing I’m gonna say is please change your energy. You have zero clue what I’m up to to be this opinionated. I have nothing to say about you cause I don’t know you at all. Like I don’t even know your name chief. You know nothing about me. Leave it at that. Focus on your goals.”

“He doesn’t need to wait and see nothing. Defs not making this project for clout chasers. If I was, I would quit music completely. Rouge has never done anything for crowd appeal if that was the case I would quit music completely.”

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