Latest: Diddy forced to pay Sting $5,000 daily for life

sting sean diddy combs

Entertainment mogul, Sean John Combs, professionally known as Diddy aka Love, has been forced to pay musician and actor, Sting £4,020 ($5,000) each day for the rest of his life and quite shockingly doesn’t mind.

The billionaire Hip- Hop legend was forced to pay the ongoing fee after sampling one of Sting’s tracks without permission in 1997.

The sample in question was taken from The Police’s hit 1983 single, ‘Every Breath You Take’, which Diddy used in one of his most famous tracks, ‘I’ll Be Missing You”.

He confirmed the hefty fees on Twitter after a 2018 Sting interview re-surfaced.

Sting who was the front man, songwriter and bassist for new wave rock band The Police from 1977 until their breakup in 1986, originally discussed the subject when speaking with ‘The Breakfast Club’ five years ago.

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